Monday, 17 April 2017

Valentino Hare The Ami

by Mary’s Amiland, April2017

It rarely happens that I draw nice sketches for my amigurumi, which is not surprising as I cannot draw.
Valentino’s sketch is one of the best I have ever made, it had something special from the beginning. I wanted to create a joyful friend for our little ones and when I finished drawing it I felt in love with him straight away. I did my best to translate his cuteness into an amigurumi, I remade his parts several times until they looked exactly as the drawing.

Now that he sits in front of me I cannot help being over the moon. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Cam Bear The Ami

by Mary’s Amiland, March 2017

At the beginning of my adventure in the amigurumi world I never took notes on how a character was born, it is something I started doing from mid 2015. Unfortunately I do not remember how Cam’s character came along, however I do remember how fun it had been to make her dungaree dress and above all how proud I was of this cute sweet bear.
Eventually I found the time to put the pattern in the current format I use for my patterns.  The pattern of shoes and flower have been changed, anything else is same as the first version.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tim Rabbit The Ami

by Mary’s Amiland, February 2017

Tim Rabbit is a character that I designed back in 2014 and only now I have decided to refresh his pattern. It has been such a fun project to make, overall I have not made major changes to the original pattern. This time, however, I have made the face differently and his cap has become a nice beret. Also the little apple on the sweater is gone and it has been replaced with a carrot … I was told is more appropriate for a rabbit.

This cute rabbit is going to join my farm animal series with an urban touch. Charley Bull Cow, Patty Pig and Dana Sheep will give him a warm welcome in the gang!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Ollie Bear The Ami

by Mary’s Amiland, January 2017

I wanted to challenge myself and create an amigurumi with minimal sewing needed. I have come up with a pattern where just ears and muzzle are sewn on.

What I did not expect was that my experiments would turn into this cute bear. Does he not have an expression of “Please hug me tight!”?